Love Is Cold Ear Warmer by Moogly


Good Morning.

Here the spring begins to be felt, though not too much. So it’s almost now time to move from hats to ear warmers.

Ah yes, the hat of the day is really hot, the sun is there and rightly is felt.

But with one ear warmers everything is resolved.

This in particular is the Moogly and you can find the pattern here.



If you want you can purchase it or simply order it here.


UFC – Second Part

Good Morning.

I know I’m a week late, but to my regret I had to

stop. Fever and cold stopped me.

So I have the photos and measurements (as would be staggered).

I can tell you that I have finished the second part of the UFC and there centimeters decrease

and seen. Shapely increases and you see with the naked eye.

The level increases, but the satisfaction is always great.

So I’ll tell you the third part, as soon as I finished.


Glass Bottle Decoration

Good Morning.

Ideas for gifts to not end up doing always the same, and in the meantime, have fun and do something with their own hands and.

Obviously the value is much greater, and the ultimate satisfaction is priceless.

This time we would like to show an idea for a woman, a glass bottle, decorated in a simple and fast.

Will contain the bath salts but can easily be used as a vase or filled with another.