Welcome to the world of ArtEC.

My name is Elena Carretta; first and foremost, I consider myself a mother. Second a crochet designer, maker and seller. I love experimenting with glass painting techniques also.

In general, I like to play with different materials and make daring combinations among them.

I learned crochet as a child, but it’s only with the birth of my son that I decided to put my skills to good use and started designing. I wanted a life allowing me to be present for him and pursue my goals at the same time.

Services I offer:

– tutorials (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) free on my YouTube channel

– one on one/group lessons and mentor ships (paid)

– patterns

– handmade items

– pattern translation

– detailed videos of your patterns (this is a serviced targeted to designers wanting to supply their audience with a variety of resources)

I write articles for Magliuomini since 2016 and am a Moogly Maker and cooperator since 2013.

Any questions? Just drop a line at: creazioniartec@yahoo.it or connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





Since 2013


Since 2015







Since 2018


My Last Designs:

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