Lullaby Hat

Good morning

this will be one of the hardest times for me.

But nothing prevents me from sharing with you, that you follow me, what it costs me to do.

Above all, because there is a big news.

As you know I love to crochet, the totality of my patterns was created with this tool.

Until today.

In August 2017 I took the circular needles for the first time.

Where does this desire to go to knitting come from?

In reality, it is not a passage. In the past, I had already tried a few basic stitches with traditional needles, but it had not attracted me like crochet.

With time, however, I often found myself with beautiful patterns, knitted.

Sometimes I stole the knitting techniques and tried to reproduce them with crochet.

Like the top-down technique, which you will soon see working on many models, which will be released this year.

In the end, I decided.

And here is the first scheme that I followed …. and of course I made the hat real.


This is Lullaby Hat.

Very simple and fast. Taking into account that it was the first time … I would say that I did well.

I used a special tube, which you can see here. A little-twisted wool, very soft and warm.

The result worn mo satisfies a lot.

The hair has already lengthened a lot, but they remain medium-short in any case, so a covering hat and a little air are ideal for winter.


That is all for the moment.

I am only announcing that after this, I decided to start a hammer, created by me.

If you want to see more photos, go here.



Halifax Hat

Good morning.

I immediately say that I liked this pattern right away. The adjective that I think is best is: sparkling.

Not suitable for beginners, but certainly with a visual impact.


I was looking for a quick pattern for a hat to do for my son.

Once I found the pattern, I made him choose colors: green and gray. You can see the result below.


Only I did not stop here.

So I started a second one, black and gray, for my dad (shhh this will be a present and a surprise).


We say to ourselves: “there is no two without the three”, so last I made one for me, finally.

Bordeaux and gray. I had already experienced this combination of colors in my pattern B&G Throw.

Also because at the knit cafe I was asked the procedure and to show it if possible.

They were surprised by the speed of realization and the final result.

Here you can find the pattern.

And now I can show you the result worn.


For more photos, click here.


Pon Pon Baby Hat



Good Morning. After a short Summer break, I wanted to present my new creation: a hat, for children, with a nice cheerleader on top.

Obviously it can be customized very much, since color.

So it is suitable for a boy than for a girl.

Unfortunately, this pattern will only have a size (5 years), but using a crochet hook larger or smaller, you can create a size that interests you most.


Designed to protect the ears in cold winters, especially in the wind.

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy and Amazon.

Disponible aussi le patron en Français! Sur Ravelry, Etsy et Amazon.

IMG_0178bisHappy crochetting!



Easy in Round Grace Crochet Hat

Good Morning.

A new scheme for you. Simple, fast … so my style.

A woman’s hat that can not be hotter.


Bicolor, better contrast between them so as to highlight the edge.

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Find the pattern on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry.

While if you wanted to buy it, simply click here.

Thank you for testing Kari and Deb.

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