Vaso in Vetro Dipinto



Finalmente dopo parecchio tempo riesco a mostrarvi un altro lavoro, questa volta con la pittura sul vetro.

Purtroppo sono lavori abbastanza lunghi e che richiedono molto tempo. Normalmente registro sempre più del dovuto e successivamente devo tagliare, in modo da rendere chiaro ed immediato il passaggio o il punto fondamentale.

Ma veniamo a noi: l’idea è vecchia, ma solo ora sono riuscita a realizzarla. Si tratta di un contenitore in vetro, che, in questo caso, servirà come porta mestoli. Durante il video vedrete un cambiamento repentino, ma non influisce sulle tecniche utilizzate.

Vi lascio qualche foto e sotto troverete il video.






Flash Sale #1

Good morning my dear.

Today a brand new idea: the flash sale.

Yes I know, other sites made this thing, but for me it’s the first time and I decide to sell one item only for the day (24h). So you have a day to decide and make the sale.

The rules are very easy:

  • subscribe to the blog, insert your e-mail in the white space on your right, in the sidebar, and click on subscribe.
  • leave a comment with your e-mail down here.

The following day I draw the lucky winner. (using

I leave the final comment with the winner also down in the comment. Then I’ll send an e-mail to the winner with the code with the discount (insert it in the Etsy at the check out moment).

Everything it’s ok? If you have question, please leave a comment or write to me by e-mail:

For the first flash sale I decide to make an 20% off on the Glass star pendent.

So, ready? Start! And good luck!




Spiral Glass Pendent

DSCF0571bisGood morning.

The summer season is coming and we are really (yes, we are ready) to wear jewelry, like necklace, “important”.

I mean that you can wear jeans, t-shirt and a necklace. It gives you the touch missing.

And if the pendent will be this, a glass pendent, with a red spiral, you’ll be a queen.

For more information go to my Etsy shop.


How To Recycle Glass Jar for …. Store Tea.

When you go to the mall to buy some food … did you consider the packaging?

Yes it’s important for the product, for our eyes but if you think: what can I do with this can?

This was my question. I bought some honey (I love it) with this fantastic glass packaging.


As a really lover of teas and infusions I start to collect different type of glass jar. Glass bacause for me it’s the best material.


In this case I take the jar, clean it and just fill it with some black tea.


Another idea is to paint the glass like this….


And if you want to make it, follow the video tutorial.