Halifax Hat

Good morning.

I immediately say that I liked this pattern right away. The adjective that I think is best is: sparkling.

Not suitable for beginners, but certainly with a visual impact.


I was looking for a quick pattern for a hat to do for my son.

Once I found the pattern, I made him choose colors: green and gray. You can see the result below.


Only I did not stop here.

So I started a second one, black and gray, for my dad (shhh this will be a present and a surprise).


We say to ourselves: “there is no two without the three”, so last I made one for me, finally.

Bordeaux and gray. I had already experienced this combination of colors in my pattern B&G Throw.

Also because at the knit cafe I was asked the procedure and to show it if possible.

They were surprised by the speed of realization and the final result.

Here you can find the pattern.

And now I can show you the result worn.


For more photos, click here.


Dragonwing Crochet Pattern

Good morning.

New month, new pattern.

I start by telling you how did the idea of this pattern.


Let’s say I saw so many scarves made this way, all knitted though. (at the time I had not yet taken the knife in my hand, while now I carry out two projects at the same time).

So I decided to try to recreate the same shape, but with the crochet.

At the same time maintain a simple and quick pattern to work.


This is how Dragonwing was born. Lightweight, easy to work with any yarn and …. infinite. Because the process can be continued until you want.

We enter the most technical part: what I used:

Donnino (3 skeins brown)
Hook (7 mm)

Final measures: 78 inch x 31 inch (2 meters x 80 cm)

At the time of publication, the pattern is available in three languages: English, Italian and Spanish.

Take your copy HERE.



Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Pattern

Good morning.

Today I want to get a project suitable for Christmas. It’s really very fast and ideal to dispose of those micro balls that sometimes remain after several projects.


A small Christmas tree.

Actually, I found this project during a specific research mission. At the knit cafe in which I participate every Tuesday at the library (together with my little assistant), we have been asked to prepare small ornaments to hang on the tree that will be displayed during the Christmas period.


So I’m looking for it. And I immediately liked this decoration.

I used a 4mm crochet hook and some Lana Carezza.

I started first with one, but then before even doing the seams, I started the second one.

You can see the results here in the photos. Here you can find more (and while you’re following me on Ravelry).

You can find the pattern here. The free version is on the blog.


I hope they liked it. I find them ideal to hang on a white or one-color surface. And some light around.

Let me know if you know this pattern.



Granny Cocoon Shrug

Good morning people!

Are you looking for an easy crochet pattern? Free? Customizable?

Here it is!

A shrug, the Granny Cocoon Shrug.

I made in with Filati Speciali, in yellow and orange. It’s super soft and warm. And fast to work. Make a square… and sew it.

Here you can see mine. What do you think?