Calm Blanket – Crochet Pattern

Good morning

Among the many patterns that I would like to publish, today I chose just this one.

A blanket, fast and easy to make.

But why this name? Because the pattern that is repeated gave me a sense of peace and calm.

The Calm Blanket is made with Lana la Carezza del Panda with 6.00 mm hook.

Enjoy the pattern here!


Hope – Crochet Pattern

Good morning,

this pandemic has given me time to write some patterns that usually, for various reasons, remain there waiting.

It’s time to be published!


I’m starting with something summery. I hope you’re not like me who continue to work with wool, but that you’ve taken up cotton.

Otherwise, I suggest you do it!

This particular top is worked bottom-up. It has two seams that you can decide to do with a needle or crochet hook.

It’s really quick and easy.

You can adapt it by simply adding repetitions to the pattern. The stitches used are the basic ones.

You can find it on Ravelry.



Double Summer Top – Crochet Pattern

Hi, let me introduce you to Double Summer Crochet Top!


Double Summer Top

Crochet Double Summer Top


It’s a double-face summery top, casual style with a hint of elegance to it. It’s delicate colors countertop the lacy structure making for a very fresh garment.



Moreover, it’s two garments in one, as it can be worn either side facing, according to your mood.



Simple and versatile this top can also be worn on top of a long sleeved sweater in spring/autumn.


It has a straight forward and balanced construction, don’t be scared from the lacy part because it’s very simple and there’s a graph in addition to the full written pattern.


Intrigued? Head over to Ravelry to find the pattern!

Sunburst – Crochet Pattern

Meet Sunburst, a lacy and elegant vintage crochet vest.


Inspired by a walk on a hill, this vest has the energy of the sun gently brushing the skin and the simple beauty of nature.


Its lace makes it suitable for a party in early summer, when evenings are still fresh, or for a day in the wild enjoying sun.


Having long sleeves is a plus, making it a light garment for autumn and spring.

It sparkles joy and light all over and speaks of laughter under a tender sun.

Find the pattern on Ravelry.




Deep V Sweater



Nice Monday to everyone.

I go back in time. This is a pattern that I created a few years ago, but at first it did not convince me much.

Taking pictures instead I realized that it came exactly as I wanted.

I used an unusual yarn and that does not make the execution simple, but the color and texture are the two factors that have made my choice fall.

Bomull-lin by Drops and a 3.50 mm crochet hook. Ah and a lot of patience!



Size: S/M, but you can add stitches and make it bigger.

It was one of the first crochet sweaters. Now you know how far I have come. If you follow me on Instagram you will have certainly noticed that for some months I have learned to work with circular irons. And obviously the sweaters are raining!

So at this point find the pattern on my Ravelry.