How to Find Time to Knit … and Finish Big Projects

Good afternoon.

Today I would like to discuss with you a very familiar and common topic.

Surely, at least once, you have heard yourself say: “I have no time to knit“, “But how do you find time to knit“, “Lucky you that you find time to knit“.

I believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

So mainly I think these are all excuses. Exactly the same ones you use with regard to reading a book, exercising.

But then, when I knit?

  • After lunch
  • After dinner
  • While I help my son with his homework
  • When I need to concentrate on something else (I will relate a specific fact: during the separation I decided to pick up the circular needles for the first time and self-taught how to make a jumper, Norwegian style).
  • While cooking

This does not mean that I can do it every day. There are days when I can knit more, others when I can’t get close to my WIP project.

But now I would like to give you some suggestions, which I hope will be useful to you.

  • Experiment: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. See where it makes you feel better;
  • Start with small, simple patterns so that you can see the end result in a short time;
  • Subsequently increasing project size and complexity;
  • And remember that “frog” is an option.

And now it’s your turn. Write down the strangest place where you have knitted/crocheted.

Mine? During my son’s five-a-side football practice!


5+1 Free Knitting Sites- Part 2 –

Good morning.

In this article I would like to continue to share with you a whole range of free knitting sites. And, like last time, a final bonus.

# 1 Knit Picks

Here you will find whatever you are looking for.

# 2 Lion Brand Yarn

Another very popular site, not only for its fantastic patterns, but also for its tools.

# 3 Garn Studio

Here I would like to give you a piece of advice: if you can, choose English (American) as the language, as the patterns are much more numerous than in other languages (into which, I imagine, they are translated).

# 4 Plymouth Yarn

You are sure to find something that inspires you. There are plenty of simple patterns and others suitable for a more experienced person.

# 5 Interweave

Patterns galore and lots of useful resources, especially for beginners.

Bonus – Vogue Knitting

I think the magazine needs no further explanation, it is so famous all over the world.

Click here and discover all the free patterns.

And that is all for today. Let me know if you already know them or if you have other free resources to suggest.


One Skein Free Knit Patterns 5 + 1

Good afternoon.

Today I want to help all those knitters who have a skein of yarn left there in the corner.

Sometimes you pick it up, bring it closer to a project, but in the end it always stands alone.

With the free knitting patterns I am proposing, you will certainly know what to do with them.

Let’s go!

1 – February Hat

This hat is heavily worked and is suitable for an intermediate level, but your yarn will certainly be used.

2- Summer Secret Crop

This top is ideal for Summer and warmer afternoons.

3 – One Skein Wonder

A shawl in the shape of a dragon’s tail, a classic of knitting.

4 – Little Creek Buff

I love the ‘wave’ pattern that has been created in this neck warmer.

5 – Garter Ridge Baby Cardigan in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease

And now a pattern suitable for our little ones. Just change the colour to make it ideal for both a boy and a girl.


Seaside Summer Crop Top

Since the temperatures are rising, I wanted to add a pattern of a top as soft as a cloud.

Among these free knitting patterns, which one would you like to knit now?

Let me know in the comments!



Good evening.

Today I present to you another finished job.

It is a very famous pattern among knitters.

It is the Flax of tincanknits.

I wanted to follow the instructions for size 8-10 years, as size XS would still have been too big for my son.

By the way, do you remember him in these pictures? This is the first sweater pattern I made, crocheted, because I didn’t know how to knit yet. But how much he has grown!!!

I used Lana La Carezza del Panda in Avio colour (1 skein) and circular needles 5.00 mm.

I made very few changes to the original pattern.

I lengthened the body and kept the sleeves short, finishing the edge of the sleeves with a crochet hook.

It is really easy to follow and the instructions are clear and precise in every step.

For more photos, click here.


Black Intensity

Good afternoon

I’m back with a new knitting pattern.

It’s Black Intensity, an oversized jumper I’ve had in my head for a long time.

The idea came about almost by chance, from the need to have a comfortable sweater that could be adapted to different occasions and was lightweight.

And then the pattern slowly took shape.

The middle part is softer, while the sleeves are tighter.

Tip: here, without altering the number of stitches, you can subtract stitches from the body and add them to the sleeves, so that you have a slightly tighter body and wider sleeves.

I used Lana Carezza del Panda in black and beige; 4.50 mm needle.

It is a pattern suitable for an intermediate level as two techniques are used: tubular work and jogless stripes.

Everything is explained in the pattern, as well as including a table with the drawing.

The size is M/L, but as I said before, it can be easily adapted.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry, Lovecrafts, Amazon.