Lullaby Hat

Good morning

this will be one of the hardest times for me.

But nothing prevents me from sharing with you, that you follow me, what it costs me to do.

Above all, because there is a big news.

As you know I love to crochet, the totality of my patterns was created with this tool.

Until today.

In August 2017 I took the circular needles for the first time.

Where does this desire to go to knitting come from?

In reality, it is not a passage. In the past, I had already tried a few basic stitches with traditional needles, but it had not attracted me like crochet.

With time, however, I often found myself with beautiful patterns, knitted.

Sometimes I stole the knitting techniques and tried to reproduce them with crochet.

Like the top-down technique, which you will soon see working on many models, which will be released this year.

In the end, I decided.

And here is the first scheme that I followed …. and of course I made the hat real.


This is Lullaby Hat.

Very simple and fast. Taking into account that it was the first time … I would say that I did well.

I used a special tube, which you can see here. A little-twisted wool, very soft and warm.

The result worn mo satisfies a lot.

The hair has already lengthened a lot, but they remain medium-short in any case, so a covering hat and a little air are ideal for winter.


That is all for the moment.

I am only announcing that after this, I decided to start a hammer, created by me.

If you want to see more photos, go here.



Circular Needles and Stitch Marker

Good morning

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know for some months, that in addition to the crochet I started with knitting.

I’m in a particular period of my life and in August I felt the need to start something completely new.

For some time I have been following knitting people, especially with circular needles. So I started immediately with them.

I found some difficulties when I start, but the desire was so much, that I have not given up.

The first project is a hat (which you will see soon) with needles n° 8.

I saw that I like the job, so I decided to buy a bamboo set. A very cheap one.


As soon as they arrived, I started to create the first sweater. I must say that I feel very well: they are light, well finished.

On the same site, I bought stitch markers.. Well done, colorful and easy to handle.


And for today that’s all.



Knit café




Oggi vi parlo di un’esperienza che sto facendo e come mi sto trovando.

Quasi per caso a settembre ho visto un post sulla pagina Facebook della biblioteca del paese in cui abito, in cui si pubblicizzava un knit cafè. Il primo da queste parti.

Ovviamente non solo lavoro a maglia, ma anche uncinetto, cucito, ricamo e tutte quelle attività che purtroppo si stanno perdendo.

Il tutto è partito il 23 ottobre.

Fino all’ultimo non sapevo se sarei riuscita ad andare, ma quella data è stata subito segnata (ed evidenziata) in agenda.

Tutto pronto: borsa con filato, uncinetto, e tutto quello che può servire. Con me il mio assistente, sempre presente.

Siamo andati. Volevo vedere come funzionava, se ci sarebbe stato qualcuno.

Con mia sorpresa eravamo un bel gruppo! Si inizia con qualche presentazione veloce e subito ci si mette al lavoro. Il tutto con una piacevole lettura in sottofondo.

In più un momento importante: la merenda. Tè e biscottini.

Ho aspettato due mesi per parlarne, ma fin da subito ha avuto un effetto più che positivo su di me, e non solo. L’assistente chiede sempre di poter partecipare e fa di tutto per esserci. Ormai è la amscotte del gruppo. Impara tecniche nuove, sperimenta, socializza.

Per me è un luogo in cui poter esprimere me stessa, sapendo di non essere presa in giro. Un luogo di confronto. Sono la più giovane del gruppo, ma tutte sono rimaste stupite da ciò che so fare all’uncinetto e non solo. Mi hanno vista al lavoro. Ho spiegato alcune tecniche (la tapestry ad esempio) e fatto degli schemi su alcuni miei modelli che usciranno il prossimo anno e che hanno avuto l’opportunità di vedere in anteprima, ed a volte anche di toccare con mano.

Il vedere la passione dietro, credo che non abbia prezzo. Senza contare i complimenti ricevuti. Sinceri.

E poi a volte si parla anche di cucina, scambiandoci ricette o idee.

Insomma uno scambio a tutto tondo, al quale sarebbe bello partecipassero anche altre persone.

E qui mi rivolgo a te che stai leggendo: l’appuntamento è tutti i martedì, dalle 15:30 alle 18:00 presso la Biblioteca di Caselle Torinese (TO). Clicca qui per vedere dove si trova.

Halifax Hat

Good morning.

I immediately say that I liked this pattern right away. The adjective that I think is best is: sparkling.

Not suitable for beginners, but certainly with a visual impact.


I was looking for a quick pattern for a hat to do for my son.

Once I found the pattern, I made him choose colors: green and gray. You can see the result below.


Only I did not stop here.

So I started a second one, black and gray, for my dad (shhh this will be a present and a surprise).


We say to ourselves: “there is no two without the three”, so last I made one for me, finally.

Bordeaux and gray. I had already experienced this combination of colors in my pattern B&G Throw.

Also because at the knit cafe I was asked the procedure and to show it if possible.

They were surprised by the speed of realization and the final result.

Here you can find the pattern.

And now I can show you the result worn.


For more photos, click here.


Dragonwing Crochet Pattern

Good morning.

New month, new pattern.

I start by telling you how did the idea of this pattern.


Let’s say I saw so many scarves made this way, all knitted though. (at the time I had not yet taken the knife in my hand, while now I carry out two projects at the same time).

So I decided to try to recreate the same shape, but with the crochet.

At the same time maintain a simple and quick pattern to work.


This is how Dragonwing was born. Lightweight, easy to work with any yarn and …. infinite. Because the process can be continued until you want.

We enter the most technical part: what I used:

Donnino (3 skeins brown)
Hook (7 mm)

Final measures: 78 inch x 31 inch (2 meters x 80 cm)

At the time of publication, the pattern is available in three languages: English, Italian and Spanish.

Take your copy HERE.