London, Day 3

Day 1 and Day 2

Welcome in our third day in London.

Tube until …..


and after St. Pancras. It seems a church, but when you go into it ….



We made just a little stroll inside, but the outside, for me, it’s better.

Then, just near St. Pancras the is King’s Cross.

20151203_102838 20151203_103020 20151203_102538 20151203_102822

My boyfriend is an Harry Potter fan. So he, and the little, made the photo.


From here the Canal museum is so close, by walk.

I’m always honest, this is the worse museum. Little, no guide, some panel (the only thing interesting).

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And now Camden Town!!!

20151203_113926 20151203_113821 20151203_115330 20151203_114245 20151203_114314 20151203_114526 20151203_114528 20151203_114530 20151203_114753 20151203_114755 20151203_114831 20151203_114842 20151203_114843 20151203_115036

This was my first time in Camden Town. I love it! A lot of colors, people, Beatles things (hi hi hi).

From here we stroll until the Zoo.

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Then we have travelled a lot (bus, tube and by walk) but finally we went to the Raf.

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And tha’ts all folks!




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