London, Day 2

Here I’m again. Did you remember our week in London? Read the first day here.

On the second day we went in the City, the heart of London.

Tube …..


… and this amazing view!


First stop: Tower of London.


My little man 🙂 (“Mum, I read the map for you”).

The tower is very large: a lot of green inside and all around.



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Pss: the Crown Jewels let you breathless.

The next stop was the famous Tower Bridge.

I really love it! And surprise. In the middle there are glasses on the floor.






In the two galleries you can read about different types of bridge.


The Lusern one we already visit. (See the video).

With the London Pass you can see also the engine.

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Pit stop: water and a sandwitch. 😉


(The smaller one was mine).

And it’s in this time that my boyfriend took a stunning pic to me.


The when went on the opposite side of the Thames to visit the HMS Belfast.

I wasn’t very happy about this. But when I was on and in it, the present became the past.

Inside it’s a labyrinth, but in the engine we met a guide (a really kind of person) that explain to us a lot of things and help us to came out.

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And now I haven’t photos about this. We can’t take pictures :(. The London Bridge Experience.

This was very scary. I was in the top of the queue!!!!

A journey throughout the history of the bridge and the …. horror person. Here you can see that journey.

At the end of the day, we run to see one of my favourite.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre.


The guide (I didn’y know if she’ll read this post, but I want to really thank you) was so accurate in the description, both hystorical and people. I remember one think: I was wearing sneakers with rose strings. Only the Queen could wear something rose. So, in the past, I would be headless.

I can’t explain you why and how, but this place take my heart in a strange way.

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And that’s all folks!

See you in the next day of our journey.




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