London, Day 1

Good morning.

If you follow me on Facebook, surely you know that I spent a week in London.

This was my second time for me, but I liked to visit  a lot of museums.

So, in this post I explain you how we plan the flight, home, tube tickets.

First of all we purchase a lot of things by internet before to leave (like the house) using Paypal.

Few months before to leave (12/1) we bought the flight. The cheapest company was RyanAir.


So Turin-London!

The sun was shining and …. in Stansted …. well the sun was playing hide and seek.


After all the airport check, a little step for lunch. 😉

Then we went to take the London Pass(es). (I write with We because we were in 3).

From the website we bought the passes and choose to take them in the shop.


We bought the 6 days pass, which allow you to visit London for 6 days. Also they give you a guide: this was the Bible for us. Little, complete, with all the info that you’ll need (phone, e-mail, timetable) and the list of the place covered with the pass.

So you purchase the pass then you haven’t to buy anything else to entry and visit. That’s amazing! No queue, just think about the tour that you want to make and check the tube station.

So I really suggest to use this kind of method. Follow the link and discover all you can make with this pass.


Important: if you don’t use the pass, came back and they refound you. 😉

In the same office we take the Oyster card (to travel with public service in London), but we charge on the travel card (more cheap for us) that covers 3 zones.

After we had to take the keys of the appartement. So direction Jubilee line  and Dollis Hill.

I define the appartement a “studio”: entry with beds, kitchen and a little bath. This was ok for us, during the day out and just the evening for the dinner and to sleep.

Wi-fi only for us and really strong, TV, … happy to had chosen the right. (this take to us 2 months).

And for the first day that’s ok!

Follow the blog to discover what we visit and how kind of experience we made.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.




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