UFC (weeks final 3)

And finally I came to the end of this long journey.

I must say that with Mike Dolce will not be bored at all! Indeed.

Compared to the last session I can say that in this workout the two, one on Monday and one on Wednesday, were really fun: sweated a lot, a lot of fun …. and you waste a lot.

So I would say excellent.

For the rest, nothing has changed, both with regard to the diet food that for the replacement of the workout on Friday.

With regard to some products that I’m using I’ll get to in a post aprofondito more in the coming weeks.

And now we come to the results.

Before centimeters.

Thigh: 54-54  cm

Waist: 71-69 cm

Hips: 92-92 cm

Arm: 29-29 cm

Weight: 61.3-61 kg

And now the front and the back.




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